The Need to Grow

Directed by Rob Herring and Ryan Wirick, and narrated and co-produced by the American actress and activist Rosario Dawson, the Need to Grow is an impactful insight into mainstream food systems and farming practices. The documentary highlights the importance of changing the ways in which we put food on the table, and that this change is needed today rather than tomorrow.

Poignant yet uplifting and inspirational, the film follows the stories of a few ordinary people who are making a difference to their local communities and rethinking the status quo. Although the documentary is borne out of the United States, its messages are relevant to everyone, wherever we may live across the world. Some of the key themes are as follows:

  1. The importance of education and increasing awareness of where our food comes from
  2. Rethinking conventional agriculture – why we need more organic, urban farming models
  3. The importance of soils, regeneration and diversity
  4. Reimagining how we power our planet
  5. Rethinking attitudes to waste and recycling, and reconnecting with natural cycles.

I first came across The Need to Grow documentary last summer, in 2020. As the northern hemisphere heads into the primary growing seasons of spring and summer, I recently rewatched the film to remind myself that regardless of how busy I am, or whatever challenges life throws my way, this is important. I need to spend more of my time on learning how to grow some of my own food.

I’ll draw this post to a close – I’ll just say that it’s free to watch here, only requires an hour and a half investment of your time (less than many blockbuster films!) and is well worth a watch if you are interested in hearing more.

Who knows where it might lead, or what ideas it might spark…?

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