Signs of regeneration

Arturo and Patrick: brothers from another mother

For a while there I was worried about poor Arturo, my fledgling avocado tree. After cruelly lopping off his head I thought he was a goner. Nothing much seemed to be happening – his stalk was as bare as could be and I had serious doubts that he would be able to grow back in the chilly autumnal weather.

But then, lo and behold, a cluster of small leaves has started to emerge. For a Central American tree, Arturo is proving to be pretty hardy yet (fingers crossed I haven’t spoken too soon!). That being said, the depths of winter are still to arrive, so we’ll have to see if he makes it through the frosts and snows to spring.

I am also joyful to see that Patrick my parsley plant is sporting a new hairdo, after I cropped his lovely parsley locks a few weeks ago, to enjoy in my parsley sauce. I repotted him in a larger container and untangled his roots, to give him more breathing space and room, and topped up his compost to give him a good feed. From the looks of things, he’s loving it!

The UK is heading into a full national lockdown again on Thursday, and more broadly the world is in a terrible state of affairs. It’s hard not to worry where this is all going to end; it seems that the right messages aren’t being absorbed by those who have the most power and influence to make a positive force for change. Looking to the natural world however, there is a message for us all. Things may seem bleak and as though they will never regenerate, but never give up hope. It may not be in the way that you imagine, but there may be growth yet.

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