Vegetarian mee goreng with homegrown pak choi

For the most part, my pak choi plants have been coming along nicely. I have been running out of growing space however – I have some spring onions and parsley which germinated ages ago in my propagator, which I really, really need to plant out at the weekend! Some of the pak choi leaves have also become a little tatty and worse for wear – in addition to problems with aphids, I suspect I have an infestation of fungus gnats (sciarid flies) and/or fruit flies, possibly attracted by the fermentation from all the sourdough baking I’ve been doing.

To make space to grow the strongest plants and avoid overcrowding I decided to use a few of the pak choi in this vegetarian mee goreng recipe from Ottolenghi, available at his website: and also in the ‘Plenty’ cookbook. This recipe is a regular staple for midweek meals in the Salford Kitchen; full of flavour, it is satisfying, filling and packed full of healthy veggies. Definitely try to use fresh egg noodles if you can, rather than dried egg noodles – they make all the difference to the final dish.

I was surprised; even though the pak choi are baby in size, they were still incredibly flavourful. Definitely inspiration to try and keep the remaining plants alive, so we can enjoy them at full maturity! :-p

Pak choi, 47 days after planting
Mr Salford Kitchen kindly cooked this delicious mee goreng – unfortunately you can’t see the pak choi but they’re in there, hidden by the iceberg!

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