Growing spring onions over winter

Allium cepa – White Lisbon Winter Hardy variety, 7 days after planting

It is September in the UK, which means that we are heading into autumn and winter. I expect that I won’t be able to grow many plants during the next few months, however I have been reading up on varieties that might withstand colder temperatures and lower levels of light.

One crop that will develop throughout the colder seasons of the year is spring (salad) onions. The White Lisbon Winter Hardy variety is a robust type of spring onion, which you can plant in late summer or early autumn (August to September) and they should be ready the following spring (March to May).

I plan to grow some throughout winter in a window box.

I planted some seeds a week ago in modules and left them in my propagator. 7 days later, they’ve made an appearance. They look like they’re doing nicely, so I’ll get a few more batches of seeds on the go before September is out.

This is two firsts for me: the first time that I have tried growing spring onions, and the first time that I have experimented with overwintering. We’ll see whether they turn out next spring!

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